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trusted partner in Technology

Our goal at i134 Consulting is to show you personalized service and exceed your expectations in every way possible. As your technology partner, we would like to offer a wide array of consulting services that include defining your technology requirements, establishing IT budgets, developing plans & timelines for implementation. As a trusted advisor we help guide the critical path for your organization's technology decisions. We focus on doing the right thing, and doing that thing right.

What We Stand For

We believe honesty and going the extra mile for our clients is one of the core values that puts us ahead of our competitors. in return our clients become an extension of our family or friends which is a reward we can't be happier for. read more


Most of our clients have had other IT companies servicing them in the past. When we first take over and evaluate their faulty, insecure network left behind by these guys, almost every time we realize what really sets us apart. Our dedication for quality and commitment to stand behind our work is an essential ingredient that i134 Consulting Inc. is made of. read more


There is always a team expert available to answer phone, email, text or at least get back to you in no time. If we can't immediately remediate the issue, we do a speedy follow-through to keep our customers informed throughout the process. Resolution is the bottom line for us & Satisfaction is the outcome for our clients. read more


Over 20 years of experience in complex enterprise networks shaped time-tested processes and methodologies based on best practices and innovations. Always ahead of technological trends is what drives us forward. read more

Solutions for your objectives

At i134 Consulting Inc. we embrace the technological innovations to apply and individually customize them for each customer's needs. We offer complete and comprehensive list of IT business support solutions, from planning and implementing new technologies to your offices and maintaining the systems that are already there.

  • technology

    Windows • Mac • Servers • Tablets • Mobile
    Data Center • Cloud Services • Data Recovery • IT Forensics
    Systems Integrations • Exchange Email • Virtualization • Network Design

  • Project management

    Delivering strategic value at any phase of your project's lifecycle.

  • industries

    Banking & Financial Services • Accounting / CPA firms • Law Offices • Insurance
    Manufacturing • Real Estate • Telemarketing • Architectural
    Healthcare • Dental Care • Jewelery • Technology • and Small Businesses....


AntiVirus is not enough

Symantec, who is the pioneer of the antivirus companies, admits that nowadays your average antivirus program is only 45% effective against all of the different types the threats to your computer. One computer in the network is enough to spread the infections or cyber attack to other machines and even to the server while jepoardizing your network, company sensitive information and the lost downtime for repairs.

SOLUTION: Powerful firewall with custom configuration and rules • Segregated networks (VlANS) to keep sensitive information in secure areas of your network • Strong & expiring passwords • Comprehensive audits of your network performed regularly


Slow Computer Impact

Almost all businesses nowadays rely heavily on computers to complete their day to day tasks. Typical computer operates between 35% to 70% of its capacity due to program conflicts, hidden infections, bloarware programs and other bottlenecks even if they are brand new. Let's look at a slightly slow computer that is operating at 70% of its full potential. In a 8 hour workday that comes out to 2.4 hrs of lost time. Or 12 hours each workweek and 624 hrs of total time lost annually. If you consider the hourly rate of a typical employee then around $14,000 wasted capital is spent per employee each year.

SOLUTION: Optimize system with custom install of OS • SSD hard drive for ultra fast performance • Provisioning of each computer with regular maintenance • Existing computers may be upgraded and optimized instead of buying a new ones • Dual monitor can create more efficient work-flow therefore increasing productivity


Unreliable Backups

On the average 90% of all small to medium businesses DO NOT have reliable backups of their computers, servers, and/or critical company information. • 93% of companies that lost their data for 10 days or more filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster(Source: National Archives & Records Administration in Washington). • Tape drives fail at average of 100%. • 40% of small to medium businesses will have their network hacked and more than half of them will never even know.(Source: Gartner Group). • 70% of business people have experienced (or will experience) data loss due to accidental deletion, disk or system failure, viruses, fire or some other disaster. (Source: Carbonite)

SOLUTION: Trusted IT Company :) • Regular restoration tests • Disaster recovery backups in addition to data backups

How reliable is your IT system?

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